Warhammer 40K Dark Heresy RPG: Ascension

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Ascension takes your Acolytes to the next tier of power in the Calixis Sector. Learn to wield the authority of an Inquisitors rosette, join the elite ranks of the Inquisitional Storm Troopers, or discover the secrets of technology known only to a Magos of the Lathe Worlds. It is time to take your rightful place amongst the ranks of the Holy Inquisition itself! No longer are you a pawn. You will find advanced character generation, including transition packages to take your Dark Heresy characters from Acolytes to Throne Agents - and even the position of Inquisitor. Eleven other Ascended Careers include the mysterious Sage and the formidable Vindicare Assassin! New Ascended Psychic Powers abound, plus a section on ascended adversaries... from Greater Daemons to renegade Imperial Governors. You will also find systems of influence and reputation for a different scale of wealth and power in the Imperium, plus Paragon Talents and Mastered Skills to enhance your characters abilities.

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