GameMastery Map Pack: Temples

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Why go to the trouble of using miniatures only to push them around an empty table? Paizo's CameMastety Map Pocks contain full-color gridded maps for use with RPGs and miniatures games. The map cards in this set depict key encounter areas in several temple complexes appropriate for fantasy campaigns, including:

Healing Temple
Druidic Mountaintop
Cultist Warehouse
Sacrifice Temple
Spider God Cavern

GameMastery Map Packs provide everything you need to stay a step ahead of your players. Use this product to build temple encounters that perfectly fit your campaign. Additional map packs explore other locales of interest to fantasy gamers. This Map Pack contains 18 full-color 8' x 5' map cards for use with GameMastery Compkat Encounters or any standard gaming miniatures. Cartography by Corey Macourek.

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