BattleTech: Field Manual SLDF

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Field Manual: SLDF describes the single greatest military force the Inner Sphere has ever seen: the Star League Defense Force. Including a brief history and overview of the SLDF, its formation, organization, and training programs, this book provides the most detailed look ever at the army that protected the Inner Sphere before the treachery of Stefan Amaris and the Succession Wars that soon followed. Special rules are also included, enabling players to create Star League forces for use in campaigns set in one of BattleTech's most storied eras.

The Field Manual: SLDF supplement for BattleTech provides details of the organization of the Star League Defense Force at the height of the Star League, providing descriptions on many of the major and minor units as well as optional rules to reflect the character and capabilities of those units, details of unit deployment and locations and other aspects of the SLDF to allow players to stage games and campaigns to be fought during this era.

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