Adventure Time Card Wars: Princess Bubblegum VS Lumpy Space Princess Collector's Pack #3

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The first smash-hit-sold-out-everywhere game of 2014 is expanding! This time, Princess Bubblegum and her NiceLands deck take on Lumpy Space Princess’s totally rad dual-Landscape deck in a royal rumble. First teased in the original two Collector’s Pack sets, and then previewed in the For the Glory! Booster packs, NiceLands are finally playable. This new Landscape type is as fluffy as a little bunny nibbling on some grass. But if you give it an owwie on its widdle foot… boy howdy, do these guys get vicious!

97% of all the cards in the set are BRAND-SPANKING new! Just a couple of rainbow “staple” Buildings have ever been seen before. Only ONE of the cards from the For the Glory! Booster set is repeated here. This Collector’s Pack gives you almost 50 never-before-seen cards. This new Princess Bubblegum vs Lumpy Space Princess Collector’s Pack is a must-buy for the legions of players rabidly playing this game and still demanding more, more, more!

  • 2 - 40 Card Decks
  • 8 Oversized Land Tiles
  • Lots and lots of Hit Point Tokens
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